Join Couples Financial Therapy Workshop

by | Jul 21, 2010 | Teleclasses, Workshops

Paul and Teena were new clients.  “You know, our marriage is great except for one area, money.  Whenever we talk about money we get into a fight, so we just don’t talk about it.”

Understanding money is a 21st century survival skill.  Having a good relationship with money is necessary for a successful coupleship.

Join us for a workshop that will explore many different patterns of how each partner relates to money and is impacted by their history around money. The Love, Money, and Marriage workshop will help participants connect with the deeper issues that drive their financial decisions.  This workshop will:

  • Explore you and your partner’s emotions behind financial decisions
  • Explore your coupleship’s money triggers
  • Help learn more about your partner’s dynamics around money
  • Explore generational patterns around finances
  • Create balanced self-care around coupleship finances
  • Identify each other’s beliefs and feelings about money
  • Learn to build/create trust as a couple around money
  • Recognize self-defeating money patterns in the coupleship
  • Explore addictive patterns associated with financial interactions

We will hold the workshop at a retreat setting in the Black Hills, near Angostura Lake. The program will start on a Thursday evening, September 9th, and run through Sunday, September 12th. The cost is $2,950 per couple, which includes food and lodging.  You can register for the workshop by clicking here.

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