Ethical Wills Teleclass With Susan Turnbull

susan-turnbull.jpgThe ancient ethical will is a beautiful tool for those who don’t want their legal will to be their only “last words.” Updated for a modern audience, the ethical will is a non-binding personal legacy letter (or recording) that is attached as a side document to legal documents. With roots in medieval Jewish wisdom tradition, the ethical will has been rediscovered by people of all ages and faiths as a lovely and sensible instrument for timeless communication of the messages and information too important to go unsaid or fall between the cracks of generations. In short, ethical wills are love letters. They are created in the midst of life, works in progress by their nature, deeply satisfying for those who write them and treasured by all who are lucky enough to receive them.

Join us Thursday November 20th, at 4:00pm for a teleclass with guest, Susan Turnbull, who will explore the concept of leaving your heirs an ethical wills and how you can get started on the process.

Susan is the founder of Personal Legacy Advisors and author of The Wealth of Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will. A former journalist, she is a nationally known advocate for personal legacy documents as an integral part of estate, financial and philanthropic planning, including ethical wills, donor legacy statements, and letters of guidance for trustees. Her firm provides writing expertise for those wishing to address more than just the financial dimensions of their life and legacy. Susan’s work has been acknowledged in AARP Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Research Magazine and Money Magazine. Click Here to register

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