Should You Include “Managed Futures” In Your Portfolio? – Find out Thursday!

The past few months I’ve pondered the effect of the most recent financial and political events and how they will impact a person’s portfolio for the next decade.  The question I’ve attempted to answer in light of the soaring sovereign debt and global instability is, “What does a portfolio need to look like going forward to produce sufficient returns?” This is a piece of financial advice that I think is both timely and useful.

While I have many thoughts on this, one is the addition of a new asset class to the nine I am currently using, which is managed futures.  Even though the first managed futures fund came about in the 1970’s, this is not a well-known asset class.  Surprisingly, educational material on this alternative investment vehicle is not yet easy to locate.

I will provide a useful primer on the asset class that will prove to be valuable to clients in this teleclass.  Join me this Thursday March 18, 2010 at 2:00pm MST for this presentation.   Click here to register.

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