“I Shop – Therefore I Am” Record Showing

by | Apr 1, 2008 | Cash Flow, Teleclasses, Workshops

april-lane-benson.gifOur recent teleclass with April Lane Benson, Ph.D., a nationally known psychologist who specializes in the treatment of compulsive buying disorder, was a smash success. We had a record number of participants and so much interest in her topic that we didn’t have enough time to field all the questions.

One of the most interesting comments by Dr. Benson was the fact that people can suffer from being compulsive buyers or shoppers, even if they are not overspending their budgets. The cost of this disorder is measured, not only in money, but also in time, energy, and emotional stress.

Dr. Benson’s new self-help book, To Buy or Not to Buy? Why We Overshop and How to Stop, will be published in December 2008 by Trumpeter Books. You can listen to the teleclass by clicking here to go to the KFG Client Only section of our website. Use your password to log in, then search under “Teleclass.” If you do not have a password or are having trouble with your current password, call Lindsay at 605-343-1400 and she will assist you.

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