Join Rick Online For “The Psychology of Money” Course

facilitating-financial-health-book-cover-2.jpgIn just a few weeks I will begin instructing a 16-week course on “The Psychology of Money: Understanding Your Clients From the Inside Out.” I will be using Facilitating Financial Health as the main text book. I’ll take participants on a journey of learning how to identify and change thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors around money, both in ourselves and in others.

The class is offered through Golden Gate University and is a graduate level course. They offer open enrollment, so anyone who is interested in the topic can participate. The tuition is $2,130 and counts for 3 credit hours.

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One Response to Join Rick Online For “The Psychology of Money” Course

  1. George W. Chell August 20, 2008 at 4:59 pm #

    This program sounds really worth while.
    I have always been eager to learn. Please contact me and use code # 666.
    George W. Chell