KFG Economic Update Workshop – Where Do We Go From Here?

workshop-pic.jpgIs this ever going to end? Are you more confused than ever? We feel your anxiety. And we are inviting all of our clients to join us in an open discussion about the market, the credit crisis, the economy, the safety of money markets.

On January 15, 2009, at 3:00pm, KFG will host a “Town Hall Meeting” to address your concerns. We will try to answer your questions and we certainly will listen to your concerns. We plan to cover the economic outlook for the next year, two years and five years, discuss how behavioral finance has influenced the current situation and our own actions, and have a discussion on saving more, spending less and still having fun.

We will be covering questions like these:

  • “When will the volatility lessen?”
  • “How soon will we recover our losses?”
  • “Where will the economy be in five years?”
  • “What effect will the new administration and Congress have on the economy and on the markets?”
  • “What opportunities do you see for investing?”
  • “How does this change my plan?”
  • “Do I need to save more/spend less?”
  • And any other questions and/or concerns you have.

Click here to register. You can also call or e-mail Lindsay (605-343-1400, to make your reservation. Space is limited to 12 clients, however, anyone is welcome to join by telephone. We urge you to attend!

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