New Market Lows….Town Hall Meeting This Thursday!

meeting.jpgMost people have never seen a time like this during their lifetimes. Still, we can draw from similar times in the past to get a foggy glimpse of what may be ahead. Is it deflation, hyper-inflation, stagflation, or all three? How can we position our portfolios to minimize the downside while still being around for the recovery? What does Rick’s latest research on the continuing super recession show the best money managers are doing? What can behavioral finance tell us about all of this?

Join us for a timely “Town Hall” meeting Thursday, March 12, 2009, at 4pm MDT at the KFG office to hear what Rick thinks your next step should be. Click here to register. You can also call or e-mail Lindsay (605-343-1400, to make your reservation. Space is limited; however, anyone is welcome to join by telephone. We urge you to attend!

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