Teleclass With Rick Long Now Available on KFG Website!

listen.jpgWhat do money and meditation have in common? Find out when you listen to our teleclass with Rick Long, Clinical Supervisor of Onsite Workshops. Rick explains the scientific functioning of our brain and how meditation can help anyone make sound money decisions. Before joining Onsite, Rick was in private practice as a therapist. He is one of the pioneers in the field of integrating experiential therapy and money. His personal story of financial transformation has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and most recently in the book, The True Cost of Happiness, by Stacey Tisdale.

To listen to our guest Rick Long, click here to go to the KFG Client Only section of our website. Use your password to log in, then search under “Teleclass.” If you do not have a password or are having trouble with your current password, call Lindsay at 605-343-1400 and she will assist you.

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