New Book by Klontz-Kahler Out Wednesday

by | Jul 5, 2008 | In The News, Weekly Column

ffh-book-cover.jpgFacilitating Financial Health (NUC, 2008) is the title of the latest book I’ve co-authored with Drs. Ted and Brad Klontz. The release date is July 9th, this Wednesday. The book originally shipped around June 1, but a flaw in the printing (the covers curled up like a pill-bug under attack) resulted in a reprint, pushing the release date back about 40 days.

Before you rush to Amazon.com to order your copy, Facilitating Financial Health isn’t for everyone. The book is specifically written for financial professionals, coaches, and therapists. The tools provided in Facilitating Financial Health allow these professionals to more effectively help clients build healthy relationships with money. This book incorporates the latest research to help professionals understand the roots of clients’ destructive financial behavior, and it provides specific techniques to help clients change.

These techniques are valuable for both professionals trained in “exterior finance”—the nuts and bolts of managing money—and those who focus on “interior finance”—the beliefs and emotions about money. Facilitating Financial Health integrates the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, and financial planning, equipping financial professionals with techniques to enhance their effectiveness by working with both the exterior and interior aspects of a client’s financial health.

The tools in this book will add value to the practice of any professionals whose work includes helping clients relieve financial stress and build more fulfilling lives. You can learn more at www.facilitatingfinancialhealth.com.

Also, if you were one of the unlucky few that pre-ordered a book from Amazon.com, you will want to return that book to them for a full refund. Then simply order a new one from them as a separate transaction.

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