“Wired For Wealth” Found ‘Down Under’

by | Aug 4, 2009 | Weekly Column

dymocksWhile browsing in Dymocks, a bookstore in central Sydney, Australia, I thought I would amuse myself and try and find one of the four books I’ve co-authored.  To my amazement, I found my most recent book, Wired For Wealth. When I identified myself as the author to the staff, they arranged for an impromptu book signing. 

The whole event seemed to make an impression on my daughter, London, a budding author herself.  The unveiling of each of my books was met by London with not much more than a, “Oh, that’s nice.” Seeing one of her Dad’s books in a bookstore in another country, however, seemed to make an impression.  “I didn’t know you were an international author.  I thought you were only a U.S. author,” she said.  “Well, London, so did I.”

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