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Directions: The statements below will help you to explore various aspects of your financial life. Select and record your level of satisfaction for each statement.


Rate the Following from 1-5. (1 being not true at all, 3 being neutral, 5 being very true)-Life Planning

1. I believe my life has purpose(Required)
2. I am very clear on my life aspirations(Required)
3. I have written goals to support my life aspirations(Required)
4. I have a detailed plan to accomplish my goals(Required)
5. I understand my unique skills and abilities(Required)
6. I feel good about my career/work path(Required)
7. I am doing what I love in life(Required)
8. I am clear about what I want to 'do' with the rest of my life(Required)
9. I have time to meditate(Required)
10. I have time to plan my life(Required)
11. Spirituality is important to me(Required)
12. I have a spiritual practice(Required)
13. My values match my financial behaviors(Required)
14. I feel comfortable with my health status(Required)
15. I exercise at least 3 times a week for 1/2 hour or more(Required)
16. I regularly participate in enjoyable activities/hobbies(Required)
17. The environment I live in nurtures me(Required)
18. The environment I work in nurtures me(Required)
19. I take regular vacations and play(Required)
20. I understand my future financial needs(Required)
21. I have an up to date retirement cash flow analysis(Required)
22. I have done a spending plan/budget for retirement(Required)
23. I am maximizing contributions to my retirement plans(Required)
24. I know about what my social security check will be/is(Required)
25. I know how much I earn every month from all sources(Required)
26. I medicate with work(Required)