Eight Aspects of Financial Trauma

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Ninety Percent of Money Decisions Are Made Emotionally

Researchers tell us that about 90% of financial decisions are made in the emotional part of the brain. Instead of using the logical portion of our brain to make money decisions, we use the logical portion of our brain to justify the emotional decisions.

In financial therapy, we help clients understand that most financial decisions are governed by what we think, feel, and believe about money and how those beliefs are affecting our everyday financial decisions.

Our financial therapy specialists in Rapid City can help facilitate conversations around money between couples, families, parents and adult children, and business partners, bridge the gap between money and emotions, explore emotions around money and money beliefs, work through life transitions, and find the root of money behaviors.

We often need to look to our money history for the clues as to why our present relationship with money isn’t working well. Our money history also includes what we think, feel, and believe about all aspects of money. Unfortunately, money decisions made emotionally or unconsciously are not often in our best financial interests.

We provide you with solid, practical tools for understanding and reshaping these unconscious assumptions that keep you stuck. We have developed a clinically proven method of making sound, logical financial decisions. Through years of research, we’ve combined the principles of financial planning, behavioral finance, and experiential therapy to develop a personalized process – we call it financial therapy – that leads to financial serenity, sobriety, and security.