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The South Dakota State Legislature placed their trust in Rick Kahler, founder of Kahler Financial Group, by appointing him to the South Dakota Investment Council in 1998. In 2003 he served as Chairman, overseeing the investment management for the over 70,000 members of the South Dakota Retirement System.

In 2004, Dimensional Fund Advisors (one of the few outside investment managers used by the South Dakota Investment Council) approved KFG to place investments with their firm.  They selected KFG because of our integrity and institutional investment philosophy of investing. KFG is currently are the only fee-only investment advisor in South Dakota approved to place investments with DFA.

Rick describes our institutional style of investing in terms of baseball. Our investment style is not like Babe Ruth. Babe hit home runs and he was also the all-time strikeout leader. We rarely go down swinging or hit home runs. Our investment style is more like Ty Cobb, who consistently took his team to the World Series by consistently hitting lots of singles and doubles.

Investment Management

Investment Solutions, Not Products

As a client of Kahler Financial Group, an independent RIA (a registered investment advisor with the SEC), we offer you investment management strategies that are in your best interest rather than a broker's. Because of our client-centered, fee-only method of compensation, we do not receive commissions on any investment products.

Unlike most brokerage firms, insurance companies, and some bank trust departments, who earn commissions or strive to place clients in their proprietary products, we are legally and ethically bound to reduce conflicts of interest and work in the best interests of our clients. Our commission-free compensation structure means we have none of the conflicts of interest that come from advisors who also receive commissions from the products they sell. Our relationship with you is similar to the relationship you have with your doctor, attorney, and accountant. We are your financial advocate and confidant.

Because we are independent, we choose from an unlimited number of investment options. We investigate and personally try to visit every manager we recommend.  We design an investment management strategy to meet your objectives, not the objectives of a Wall Street investment firm. We also practice what we preach and Rick invests his personal retirement funds with the same managers we recommend to you.