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Kahler Financial Group’s founder, Rick Kahler, is recognized on a national level for his knowledge of traditional and cutting edge financial planning services.

He is frequently quoted in consumer, business, and financial trade media:  television, newspapers, magazines, blogs, conferences, radio programs, and websites.

Rick also writes a weekly blog through our website called Financial Awakenings.


Rick Kahler In The News

Local homebuyers facing pressure

According to brokers, homebuyers aren’t able to buy homes for just the asking price.

How To Avoid ‘Financial Destruction’ by Planning for Divorce

“The number one threat to a person’s financial well-being is divorce,” said Certified Financial Planner Rick Kahler. “Divorce is a financial destruction event for both parties.”

Should you buy Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the hot new financial phenomenon — but what is all the excitement about? And should you buy some? Here what Rick Kahler says.

Crypto-currency in Rapid City; financial planner weighs in

As more people invest their money into digital currency, Rick Kahler, founder of Kahler Financial Group, says it might be better to leave it to someone with more financial knowledge.

Prediction! What Lies Ahead for 2021 – Guest Rick Kahler

What lies ahead for 2021 with guest Rick Kahler on Answers That Count with Charles Musgrove

Love your work = success

Does financial and personal success go hand-in-hand with doing work that you love?

What to look for in a financial advisor—according to advisors

If you are trying to decide on a financial advisor, perhaps you should ask another advisor. CNBC queried several industry pros on the most important qualities to seek when choosing a financial professional.

Marriage finance 101: DIY prenup basics

Here’s a quick quiz on money and marriage. Which of the following engaged couples needs a prenuptial agreement about finances?

A ‘Therapeutic’ Approach to Financial Planning

Advisers turn therapist to help clients understand their ‘money scripts’ | Rick Kahler is interviewed on The Wall Street Journal

Rick Kahler - Written Insights

Rick Kahler





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05/28/21 When Investing Experts Make A Wrong Call

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03/14/2021 How Paying Taxes Affects Your Brain

01/10/2021 A budget game plan: Mother of five pledges to freeze all of her non-essential spending for January

01/10/2021 The Crazy Stuff We Do With Money — Explained

11/12/2020 How Much Does It Take To Be Rich? 

10/22/2020 India Rose James on inheriting Soho: I was told I never had to work, ever

09/17/2020 Biden or Trump? Plenty of young people remain undecided about who is best for their finances

08/23/2020 How To Deal With Biden Tax Hikes

05/18/2020 Financial Advisors Face New Challenges in the way they Manage Workflow, Communicate with Co-workers and Clients

04/16/2020 What Financial Planners Do For You Amid This Market Turbulence

01/20/2020 How to Avoid Getting Hosed on Credit Card Points

 09/30/2019  Why the Best Person to Give you Money advice May NOT be an Accountant or Financial Adviser

Rick Kahler on Money Magazine 08/20/2019 The Best Books to Help You Pay Off Debt, According to Finance Experts

07/09/2019 How to Escape the American Tax Man When you Retire Abroad 

 09/26/2018 Are you a Breadsharer or a Breadwinner?

02/06/2018 Should You Pay Off that Mortgage Before Retirement? 

12/06/2017 Advisory Firms Turn to Life Coaches, Psychologists  

 07/05/2017 How to Prepare for Retirement

 06/21/2017 CFP Wants to Extend Fiduciary Duty

 06/20/2017 CFP Board’s Proposal to Expand Fiduciary Duty Draws Praise, Carries Risk

03/15/2017 Manage Risk, and Investor Quirks, Decade by Decade

 02/13/2017 How to Avoid Financial Disaster During Divorce 

 03/03/2017 What the Unemployment Figures Don’t Tell You

 02/13/2017 Here’s how Talking About Money can Improve your Bottom Line

 12/10/2016 How to Retire Abroad, and Where to Go 

Rick Kahler on Money Magazine06/24/2016 Why it Pays to Picture Your Retirement 

Rick Kahler - Podcasts

Warren Buffet - What is Your Subconscious Relationship With Money?

by David Lenok featuring Rick Kahler | Celebrity Estates: Wills of the Rich and Famous Podcast 06/09/2021

What to Plan with Likely Tax Changes in 2021!

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How to Make Sense of Your Emotions & Money

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Comparison of Financial Psychology, Behavioral Finance and Finology

by Jake Wagner | What is Finology? Podcast 09/28/18

Intersection Between Therapy & Financial Planning

by SDPB Radio - Rick Kahler | In The Moment Radio Show 05/21/2018

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Our other planners, Nathan Gehring and Christina Lynn, also write articles for some of our industry’s leading magazines such as the Journal for Financial Planning, the NAPFA Advisor, and the FPA Next Generation Planner Magazine.


Christina Lynn - Podcasts
02/11/2021 Ruthie Ridley & Phina Ellerman featuring Christina Lynn