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3 Scams That Can Part You From Your Money

Financial trickery is an ongoing problem, and it’s amazing how successful it often is. Rick Kahler, president of Kahler Financial Group in Rapid City, S. D., has an eagle eye for such frauds. Here are his tips to avoid being gulled.

Use a password manager for your internet accounts

Using the same passwords makes you a target for hackers. Check out Rick Kahler’s interview with Click on Detroit.

Watch for these possible charitable giving scams

Scammers often employ effective psychological techniques to defraud people, including taking advantage of people’s desire to give, financial planner Rick Kahler writes. Kahler identifies some common scams, including text messages purporting to be from family members in trouble or fraudulent organizations that use names similar to those of legitimate charities.

We are all following money scripts

Rick Kahler, the author of Conscious Finance: A New Approach, uses the phrase “money script” in behavioural finance. Read what Stacey Tisdale says about this.

Strategy Advice | Graduating From College Debt-Free

From SDPB’s daily public affairs show, In the Moment with Lori Walsh. Strategy advice to give yourself a strong start toward career success by Rick Kahler.

‘I’m Always Worrying’: The Emotional Toll of Financial Stress

The New CFP Book on the Psychology of Financial Planning – Advisor Perspectives Podcast

Five near-bankruptcies to help clients manage risk

Investing and other risky ventures have to be done with intentionality, awareness and education, says adviser Rick Kahler.

Spending without guilt

How to actually enjoy your purchases instead of feeling bad about them. See what comments Rick Kahler shares with MoneyScoop.com

Nathan Gehring writes articles for some of our industry’s leading magazines such as the Journal for Financial Planning, the NAPFA Advisor, and the FPA Next Generation Planner Magazine.