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Nathan Gehring and Christina Lynn write articles for some of our industry’s leading magazines such as the Journal for Financial Planning, the NAPFA Advisor, and the FPA Next Generation Planner Magazine.


Kahler Financial Group’s founder, Rick Kahler, is recognized on a national level for his knowledge of traditional and cutting edge financial planning services.

He is frequently quoted in consumer, business, and financial trade media:  television, newspapers, magazines, blogs, conferences, radio programs, and websites.

Rick also writes a weekly blog through our website called Financial Awakenings.


Rick Kahler - Podcasts

Warren Buffet - What is Your Subconscious Relationship With Money?

by David Lenok featuring Rick Kahler | Celebrity Estates: Wills of the Rich and Famous Podcast 06/09/2021

What to Plan with Likely Tax Changes in 2021!

by Charles Musgrove featuring Rick Kahler | Answers That Count Podcast 01/14/2021

How to Make Sense of Your Emotions & Money

by Shaun Maslyk | The Most Hated F-Word Podcast (Ep 13) 09/16/2020


Comparison of Financial Psychology, Behavioral Finance and Finology

by Jake Wagner | What is Finology? Podcast 09/28/18

Intersection Between Therapy & Financial Planning

by SDPB Radio - Rick Kahler | In The Moment Radio Show 05/21/2018

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Rick Kahler In The News

When Investing Experts Make A Wrong Call

Kahler Financial share what happens when investing experts make a wrong call. Visit our website for more information.

Financial Planning and Cryptocurrency

As more people invest their money into digital currency, Rick Kahler, founder of Kahler Financial Group, says it might be better to leave it to someone with more financial knowledge.

The Need for a Team Approach to Advice

Kahler Financial shares tips on how to educate clients about the need for a team approach to advice. Visit our website for more information.

How Paying Taxes Affects Your Brain

Kahler Financial shares how paying taxes affects your brain. Visit our website for more information.

Prediction! What Lies Ahead for 2021 – Guest Rick Kahler

What lies ahead for 2021 with guest Rick Kahler on Answers That Count with Charles Musgrove

The Crazy Stuff We Do With Money—Explained

Kahler Financial shares the crazy stuff people do with money. Visit our website for more information.

A Budget Game Plan

Kahler Financial shares information on a mother’s plan to freeze all of her non-essential spending for January. Visit our website for more information.

How Much Does It Take To Be Rich?

Kahler Financial shares what it takes to be rich. Visit our website for more information.

How India Rose James Inherited Soho

Kahler Financial shares the story of India Rose James and how she inherited soho. Visit our website to learn more.