Applying the Tools of the Masters – A Life Planner’s Search For The ‘Killer App’ of Life Planning

How often do you pick up a great new tool at a conference, come home and implement it for one round of client meetings, scan the results, and it never again sees the light of day? Have you ever wondered what handouts and process are real life planners using? What really works? In this workshop, Rick Kahler, CFP®, will discuss the dozens of exercises, forms, and techniques being touted today by the best vendors of Life Planning. Learn those he uses in his practice and he finds most effective.

The workshop will cover:

  1. What life planning handouts/exercises offer the  most value in working with clients?
  2. When and how do you best present them to the client?
  3. Which are best done as homework and which are best in a face-to-face meeting?
  4. How to use video exercises to save client meeting time.
  5. Which are most effective in terms of getting value/insight from the results?
  6. Is the processing of exercises off-the-cuff or does a script work best?