Are You Tasting Your Own Cooking? – Practical Steps to Creating Integrity In Your Practice and Your Life

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey says a chef who doesn’t sample every dish is no chef at all. Are you a consumer of the advice you give your clients? Can you look your clients in the eye and assure them you embrace the same investment philosophy and invest in the same investment vehicles as you recommend to them? That you have a budget, track your expenses, and don’t use revolving credit, just as you advise them to do? That you have adequate disability, health, liability, life, property casualty, and LTC insurance? In this session Kahler will build upon his 2008 winning Frontiers Award paper and research to further explore the power and practicality of ‘walking the walk’.

  1. An action plan ready to implement on Monday morning.
  2. An inventory of personal and professional incompletions.
  3. Increased integrity and stronger client connections.