Expanding Your Practice By ‘Shrinking’ Your Clients – Exploring The Planner Therapist Alliance

We can now see where the evolution of life planning services is taking us, and how it may benefit you and your clients more than you realize. The planner-therapist alliance may be the endgame for where the life planning service is going. Financial planners are regularly bringing psychologists into their tool kit. Rick Kahler, a pioneer of the planner-therapist alliance concept and an instructor of Golden Gate University’s ‘The Psychology of Money’ course, will give you new insight and practical information on how involving a psychologist in your planning process can add value to your clients. Kahler will give you step-by-step advice on how to decide when to bring in a therapist or coach and how to select and integrate a therapist/coach profitably into your practice.

  1. The difference between financial coaching and therapy
  2. Tips on interviewing and selecting a financial therapist
  3. How to profitably integrate a therapist into your practice
  4. How to demystify and understand the therapeutic process
  5. How to use ‘The Decision Tree’ for when to bring in a coach or therapist