Financial Sobriety Skills for A Nation Out-Of-Control

Something is not working with the way most Americans relate to their money. Just like an alcoholic, we became intoxicated on easy credit, financial entitlements, and living a lifestyle that was a lie. But how do we wean ourselves from financial dependency and take control of our lives? In this unusual presentation, learn the symptoms that keep people trapped in financial lethargy and how you can gain control of your life and get your financial house in order. Rick provides specific time-tested principles to set you on the path to financial sobriety and recovery.
You will learn:

  1. How to recognize the signs of financial dependency
  2. How to take responsibility for yourself and propel yourself to action
  3. How to identify financial enabling and save your loved ones from the shame
  4. How to find out where your values are out of integrity with your financial behaviors.