In a World Of Financial Wolves, What’s A Sheep To Do? – Strategies For Keeping Your Money Safe

If you were looking for financial advice, where would you go? Who would you trust? Many turn to family and friends, while others turn to their trusted financial advisor. How do you know if the advice you are getting from your trusted advisor is really the best for you? We will explore the differences between financial advisors that are your advocates, and those that might be looking out primarily for themselves. In this presentation you will discover:

  1. Why you might want to be a client instead of a customer
  2. Why selling financial products is more profitable than giving advice
  3. How to tell the difference between a financial advisor and a financial salesperson
  4. Why you don’t want financial advice from a salesperson
  5. How to know when you need advice and when you need a salesperson
  6. Why it’s important you know if your advisor is or is not a fiduciary
  7. What to look for in a financial advisor.