Let’s Stop Putting Square Pegs Into Round Holes

The best practices no longer bring up talent in the ways of the past, starting a future planner out as a paraplanner, promoting them to being a junior planner, and then finally becoming a senior planner. The premier financial planning experience of the future will involve a two person team that incorporates exquisite listening and communication skills with detailed technical knowledge and financial solutions. Very few planners are equipped to deliver both. Most embrace the analytical planning or the client relationship. Acquiring the offsetting skill is often viewed as a necessary evil to do what they really love, the planning or the client relationship. With this new model, planners no longer must fit a round part of their professional interest and personality into a square hole. The result is a phenomenal client experience and a planning team that all function at the top of their skill set.

You will Learn:
1. A new vision of career development
2. A method to exponentially improve the client experience
3. Awareness of tools to help build a star-studded staff
4. This session will appeal to both senior planners, junior planners, and entry level planners just entering the field by giving them a new vision of what could be.