Practice Management 3.0 – Holacracy

What do Zappo’s, Colman-Knight Advisors, and Kahler Financial Group have in common? All three companies are among the pioneers of adapting Holacracy, a system of governance that has revolutionized how their firm’s operate.

You will hear first-hand experiences and reflections of financial planners who implemented Holacracy in there organizations. They will offer insights into how Holacracy’s whole system approach changed how decisions are made and by whom. You will learn how Holacracy revolutionized staff meetings to where employees take a 100% responsibility of projects and how the process highlights gaps in the recruiting process, engagement issues, and provides clarity of everyone’s accountabilities.

You will discover how implementing Holacracy changes the role of a Founder or CEO, and what distributed power looks and feels like and as Holacracy assists to unleash the genius of all partners and employees month by month.