Supercharge Your Practice and Your Life – How One Adviser Made a Euro Star out of a Train Wreck

Several years ago, Rick Kahler, President of Kahler Financial Group, lost 5 of 6 staff members. He quickly learned his infrastructure, technology, and processes were inefficient, under-maximized, unstructured, and bloated with excess. For the next year, Rick and his associate worked weekends and evenings to service clients, cut inefficiency, and embrace new technology to rebuild his practice. Today profits are up 300%, he has a vibrant staff, he is paperless, communicates with clients only by email and his website, receives 50% of his new business from his blog, YouTube videos, and website. He works out 2 hours a day, travels a week a month, and can operate his firm from anywhere in the world. Find out how you can supercharge your practice, increase your profitability and get your life back, by embracing technology.

  1. How to create a non-virtual, virtual office that works for you.
  2. What works and doesn’t work when outsourcing.
  3. How to create a blog and website that supports clients, cuts expenses, and attracts prospects.