The Killer App to a Best Practices Firm

Bob Veres describes Rick Kahler as a “serial innovator in the planning world.” In this session, Rick will unveil what he calls the single most effective practice management strategy he’s seen for transforming your practice and your life.  Bob Veres called this presentation “one of the best pure practice management sessions I’ve ever attended in the profession, even though it contained barely a word of traditional practice management advice.”

In this ground-breaking session Rick explores the reasons, based on his award-winning research, that financial planners give for not having a financial planner. He explains why engaging a financial planner pays double dividends.  

  1. Gain new insight to the personal benefits of a financial planner having a planner.
  2. Gain even greater insight into the practice management benefits of a financial planner employing a planner.
  3. Raise new questions on what constitutes a profession and whether financial planning is indeed an industry or a profession.