There Are No Difficult Clients – Just Advisers Who Have Run Out Of Tools

Very few of a financial advisor’s clients have problems with money. The real problems lie in the relationships that both advisors and clients have with money, especially when those relationships are based on an unhealthy belief system about money. Further, few financial advisers really have the ‘solution’ to our client’s needs. We can, however, become expert facilitators at helping clients achieve the life of their dreams.

Facilitating financial health requires more than presenting spreadsheets, cash flow statements and asset allocation models. It requires an understanding of the kind of life the client envisions and how the client’s emotional and psychological predispositions facilitate or obstruct (or both) the development of successful financial plans. This presentation will give you a glimpse into the best practices of financial advisers who are integrating the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, and traditional financial planning.

This workshop will help you:

  1. Learn how to build a trusting relationship with clients.
  2. Identify your clients’ money scripts and the financial disorders they cause.
  3. Explore the latest research used in facilitating change in individuals.
  4. Understand the integrated financial planning process.