Wiring Your Clients For Wealth – New Tools for Discovering and Changing Their Money Mindset

It’s possible for you to help rewire your clients’ money mindset to one that is associated with wealth. Changing a client’s money mindset is not a gimmick or a “wealth secret.” It is a process, based on well-established research, that employs techniques therapists have used successfully for many years. In this session you will discover the latest tools and research to help you and your clients understand the roots of their financial beliefs and behaviors. Participants will leave this session with practical tools they can put to use immediately on Monday morning. This will be an interactive and experiential session, where participants will gain experience administering and using the tools. It will include:

  1. Tools for helping clients identify their money scripts
  2. The ten top money scripts and tools to use to help clients change them
  3. The top money scripts common to clients with or without money
  4. How to use the Money Script Log, the Stock Market Money Timeline, and the Money Dialog with clients.