Sterling Gray

Sterling became our first planner in residence and joined the KFG team in June 2017.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in English, and worked in marketing for several years before finding his calling in financial planning. To pursue this calling, he quit his marketing career to obtain a Master’s Degree in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University. His goal upon graduation was to work for a company that understands that the emotions around money can be just as impactful as the money itself and was happy to find that balance at Kahler Financial Group.

What Sterling Does All Day

My role as planner in residence can best be described as planner-in-training. Under the direction of our Certified Financial Planners, I participate in the financial planning processes providing backroom analysis that support our efforts to serve clients. I gather and analyze client data in order to provide groundwork for the CFP’s® deeper evaluation, while also communicating with clients to give them a clear picture of their financial standing.

As part of my development, I receive one-on-one training from our in-house CFP’s®. I also assist them in studying cutting-edge solutions for our clients, keeping us at the forefront of financial planning research.